About Us

We are a committed team that want to provide knowledge to school children across the UK.

Although parents want the best for their children, not all can afford the high costs of private tuition by hiring professional private tutors, and sometimes just an older brother or sister figure is needed to guide, show and explain.

Student Tutor UK provides school children of all ages with one to one private tuition without breaking the bank balance. We do this by enrolling university students as tutors, who are eager to share their knowledge in a fun and dynamic way. Our tutors share enthusiasm in the subjects they are reading, and having been in the same situation themselves only recently, they’ll know exactly what kind of problems your child might be facing at the moment.

We provide a range of tutors with different levels of qualifications and experience to satisfy your needs, so that every school child has the opportunity for development and are given the chance they deserve.

By providing access to affordable private tuition thanks to our student tutors, we hope to enable your son or daughter to achieve the next higher grade in Maths, to learn or improve a second language, or to learn how to play guitar. We want to make the difference in being accepted at that top university, or to make that ‘unpassable’ subject passable.