Policies and Guidelines

We strive for a great community here at Student Tutor UK, and naturally there are certain rules that need to be followed by all involved, including ourselves.

This page briefly summarises the policies, guidelines and legal terms that govern your and our use of this website, as well as the various relationships between Student Tutor UK, Tutors, Tutees, Clients and all other Visitors.

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Acceptable Use Policy

Your use of this website is subject to this policy.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and security very highly. In fact this policy lies at the heart of our entire operation.

Security Policy

How we keep you safe from data thieves.

Acceptable Content Policy

Playing fair is important. We’d like to make sure that all visitors use common courtesy and show due respect for other members under all circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

The terms govern not only your use of this website, but also your contractual relationship to Student Tutor UK when you register for an account (even if you’re not paying for anything), so this is a ‘must read’.