Staying Safe

We’d like to make sure that all member stay safe, which includes both tutors and tutees. There are risks associated with any job and being a student tutor is no different. This page details some advice that we would suggest our tutors to follow to ensure your privacy and personal security.

ID Check results

As part of our commitment to your security we offer you the option to request an identity check on your prospective client. Some checks are performed manually, so it can take a few days for results to be uploaded to the site. When you use the website’s messaging system, you will see an ‘ID Card’ to the right hand side of the conversation with a quick overview of the result.

A ‘pending’ status means that the ID check has not been requested or performed yet. Although you are free to deal with the client as you see fit, you may request an ID check before agreeing to lessons or sharing all your personal details.

A ‘verified’ status means that the client has passed our checks and that we are confident they say who they are based on their address, date of birth and other independently verifiable information. Nevertheless you should probably still apply common sense when dealing with this client.

A ‘failed’ status means that we could not independently verify the identity of this client. It doesn’t make them dishonest, but we would suggest that you stay on guard. It is up to you whether you wish to terminate contact with this client.

Avoid sharing contact details

At some point it will be necessary for you to share some contact details with your client (e.g. sometimes a mobile number is very helpful for last minute changes). However, in the interest of maintaining your personal privacy we would suggest not sharing your email or home address, unless you really wish to take lessons in your home rather than travel to the tutee’s. The website’s messaging system allows you to communicate securely without sharing your email address.

Bring a friend

When you meet a new client for the first time, it may be a good idea to tell a friend (or family) where you are going, how long you expect to be away, etc, or even to bring them along – especially if the ID check returned a negative (see above). It may sound patronising, but it’s always better to err on the safe side.

Report problems and suspicions

Please report any behaviour that you find strange or suspicious, regardless at which stage of contact. We want to continue building the best and safest community for finding and giving private tuition, so your help in maintaining the highest possible standards is essential and definitely 100% appreciated.