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A.M. P.M.


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GCSE Grades

  • General Science: ?
  • Maths: ?
  • English Language: ?
  • English Literature: ?
  • Design and Technology: ?
  • Religious Studies: ?

A Level Grades

  • Psychology: ?
  • Sociology: ?
  • Biology: ?

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Enhanced CRB Check

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Joined: 2013-08-26

Ayesha ?
Primary Education (Bachelors)
The Manchester Metropolitan University


Academic Tuition

Primary Level Maths £20 per hour
Primary Level English £20 per hour
Primary Level Science £20 per hour
Primary Level Art and Design £9 per hour
Primary Level Design and Technology £10 per hour
Primary Level Religious Education £10 per hour
Primary Level Geography £10 per hour
Primary Level History £10 per hour
Year 7-9 Science £20 per hour
Year 7-9 Maths £20 per hour
Year 7-9 Religious Education £20 per hour
Year 7-9 English £15 per hour

About me:

I am currently a primary school teacher in training from MMU. I have achieved an 'outstanding' grade during my teacher training practice, where I taught a year 4 class in a deprived area in Manchester. I had taught both foundation and core subjects.

I have chosen Maths as my specialism within my teaching degree.

I have also already passed both Maths and English QTS tests.

As I have a wide subject knowledge, I also believe that I am well suited to tutor children in school years 7-9; especially in Maths and the Sciences.
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