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  • Biology: ?
  • Chemistry: ?
  • Physics: ?
  • Geology: ?
  • Marine Science: ?
  • Philosophy: ?
  • Maths: ?
  • History: ?


  • French: ?

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Joined: 2013-11-10

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Biological Sciences (Bachelors)
The University of Exeter


Academic Tuition

A Level Biology £9 per hour
A Level Physics £9 per hour
A Level Chemistry £9 per hour
A Level Geology £9 per hour
GCSE General Science £9 per hour
GCSE Maths £9 per hour
GCSE Geography £9 per hour
Year 7-9 Maths £9 per hour
Year 7-9 Science £9 per hour

Language Tuition

Expert (Mastery) French £9 per hour
Advanced (Fluent) French £9 per hour
Intermediate (Basic) French £9 per hour
Beginner (Starters) French £9 per hour

About me:

Hey, I'm a current 1st year undergraduate at Exeter University studying Biology.
I was born in Australia and lived there in till I was about 10. Then moved to France and spent the last 9 years in Hossegor, on the Atlantic coast near the border with Spain. That is also where I past my French Baccalaureate with honors. I am fully bilingual French/English due to my Australian dad and my French mum, I am also passionate about animals and nature.
Whilst I was in France I used to give personal lessons to younger children and help my friends and sisters with their work weekly, as I love to teach and help others understand new concepts.
So if you have any special enquiries or questions about me, I will be very happy to answer them :)
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