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Economics (Bachelors)
The City University


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A Level Economics and Business Studies £13 per hour
GCSE Economics £11 per hour
GCSE Maths £11 per hour
Year 7-9 Maths £9 per hour
Primary Level Maths £7 per hour

Language Tuition

Advanced (Fluent) Greek £12 per hour
Beginner (Starters) Greek £9 per hour
Intermediate (Basic) Greek £10.50 per hour
Beginner (Starters) French £9 per hour
Beginner (Starters) English (Second Language) £9 per hour
Intermediate (Basic) English (Second Language) £10 per hour

About me:

Hallo everyone!
My name is Christina but the cubs and beavers usually call me Raksa. I'm a first year undergraduate Economics student from Greece. Well obviously you would ask yourself why would anyone from Greece study economics, but I think I can give you an answer. Growing up in an era of uncertainty (especially in Greece), dominated by a global financial crisis, has sparked my concern and interest in finding out the reasons behind this problem; and this is the main reason I started the International Baccalaureate (I.B.) programme which has helped me gain the necessary knowledge and skills which are very helpful for my university studies. However I have also undertaken a series of internships which have reinforced my interest in Economics and provided me with additional skills and insights. At the moment I am the Secretary of the Economics Society at my University.
Except from economics and maths, I was always interested in learning foreign languages because as our teachers said at school you can't communicate with English or French people in Greek. Therefore, I got my Cambridge Proficiency in English Certificate when I was at the 3rd grade of high school and my C2 French Literature diploma from the University of Sorbonne in 2012.
However, as they always say being a good student is not the only important thing. Thus, as you probably understood earlier, I'm an assistant leader at the 1st City Group of the Scouts of England, but I have been a member of the Hellenic Scout Movement since 2001 and this year I was named a "Nation Scout" (equivalent of the Queen Scout in the U.K.).
Moreover, through my involvement in other team activities I have also come to appreciate the importance of volunteering; During the Special Olympics in Athens in 2011, I volunteered as a ball-girl in tennis, where we had to facilitate the procedure of the game for the athletes. As a member of my school's  Model UN team since 2010, being instrumental in 8 MUN conferences (including one abroad in The Hague in 2011), serving in various positions, such as ambassador, President of the Special Conference on Refugees and President of the Economic and Social Committee. I have also been a member in an organisation against human trafficking, "The No Project", drawing attention to this problem through press conferences and presentations to students during the past 2 years. These activities have equipped me with competencies and knowledge allowing me to appreciate different perspectives and effectively present and support my views. Dancing and sports also make up an important part of my free time. I enjoy skiing and I have also taken dancing lessons since I was 2 years old and participated in many annual productions. Currently, I serve as a cheerleader at my university.
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