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Victoria is presently away and can't be contacted until they return (expected 09/07/2018).
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Joined: 2015-07-04

Victoria ?
Physics and Astronomy (Masters)
University of Durham


Offers online tutoring

Academic Tuition

Primary Level Maths £9 per hour
Year 7-9 Maths £9 per hour
GCSE Maths £12 per hour
A Level Maths £14 per hour
GCSE General Science £12 per hour
A Level Physics £14 per hour

Language Tuition

Beginner (Starters) German £10 per hour
Intermediate (Basic) German £11 per hour
Beginner (Starters) Spanish £10 per hour
Beginner (Starters) French £10 per hour

About me:

I am currently a full-time student at Durham University studying Physics and Astronomy and have a total two years of experience in tutoring, mainly for languages but also for Science and even combining the two, having taught a Year 9 Maths class in German.
I am passionate about Science and Languages and understand the importance of encouraging others to appreciate the vast opportunities available through sound numeric and linguistic skills. I have previously worked as a private tutor for one-on-one GCSE Science revision on an urgent basis and correspondingly planned sessions tailored to the student’s requirements. I focus on quickly identifying the key areas for improvement, as well as building confidence in exploiting exam techniques from my own experience.
Volunteering in and setting up my own school clubs gave me the opportunity to develop my teaching capacity and adaptability for all levels and learning paces of students. I therefore advanced my ability to communicate well with a target audience, overall ensuring the learning process was valuable and gratifying. Most recently I volunteered for Durham Student Community Action to tutor individuals at Durham Johnston School for AS German over two terms, which allowed me to plan more advanced sessions in order to meet specific goals for communicating in the target language.
I also volunteered as a young sports leader with Trafford Leadership Academy so have experience with younger children and channeling their energy and enthusiasm to achieve a goal.

With a strong numeric and linguistic background, I work to build up pupils' confidence and as well as knowledge. I appreciate how difficult it can be for those pupils who feel left behind in class or who find school tedious, so I work to make the learning experience more approachable and personalised, whether simply to pass the exam or develop an interest and enjoyment through learning :)

I am available throughout summer up until the end of September and during Christmas and Easter holidays.
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