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Florence ?
Environmental Sciences (Bachelors)
The University of East Anglia


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GCSE Maths £12 per hour
GCSE English Literature £12 per hour
GCSE General Science £12 per hour
Year 7-9 Maths £9 per hour

About me:

Hi! My name is Florence, I am in my final year at UEA studying Environmental Sciences.

I have recently been working at a local school, tutoring year 7's and GCSE students with maths. I am also a peer assisted learning mentor at university, helping first year students on my course with maths.

At school, until I was in my GCSE year I neither enjoyed nor particularly excelled at maths, but after some perseverance something 'clicked' and I ended up with an A* and chose it for A-Level. This was the best decision I have ever made, as maths skills are vital for my degree course.I would love to help people with potential to be great mathematicians but who may lack confidence or just need a little extra help.

English was always my favourite and best subject at school, and although I am no longer studying it I am an enthusiastic reader and a great essay writer and would love to get stuck back into the subject by helping people through the tough exams I sat in 2011 (A Level) and 2009 (GCSE).
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