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University students provide affordable private tuition for school children of all ages without compromise (except on price).

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  • Tutoring opportunities for all UK and EU university students
  • Great chance to learn new skills and earn
  • It's free, quick to sign up, start teaching!

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Benefits for School Children/Parents

  • Private Home Tuition:

    All lessons can be conducted in the safety and familiarity of your own home - no need to get stuck in traffic.

  • Knowledge & Price:

    One on one private tuition in a variety of subjects at a fraction of what other private companies are charging. Hourly private tuition fees start from £9 or even less.

  • Relatedness:

    We find that many children and teenagers relate to those around their age much easier and as a result are more accepting of study.

  • Peace of mind:

    Searching and viewing tutors is free.
    Subscriptions are backed by our 14 Days Money Back Guarantee.

  • Information at your finger tips:

    More details on the tutor's profile means more time spent contacting tutors with the right background and qualifications.

  • Feedback:

    Read and leave constructive feedback for your tutor to drive up teaching quality and help others with their choice.

  • Signup is quick:

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Benefits for Student Tutors (Stutors)

  • It's free!

    No joining fees, no admin fees, nothing to lose.

  • Flexibility:

    You get to choose the dates and times that work for you, where you work and how much you charge.

  • Subject and Level Choice:

    You choose which subjects and levels you feel comfortable in tutoring, whether you want to explain A-level Calculus to the next Oxford undergraduate or to teach a primary school child the planets in the solar system (or both).

  • No Exams to get in:

    We accept all qualifications of tutors, from straight A's to straight C's, as there is always someone out there that could benefit.

  • Finances:

    We don't take a single penny from our tutors so all the money from tutoring goes straight to your own pocket. A great way to supplement your student income and help towards university tuition fees!

  • Experience:

    The perfect way to obtain working experience, whether you decide to go into further teaching or a way to improve your transferable skills to put down on your CV.

  • Signup is quick:

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It's not restricted to Academics!

Extra-curricular subjects are also very popular for private tuition, including languages and musical instruments. If you are a tutor and also play the piano and speak French, why not consider teaching French and giving piano tuition as well?
All you need to do is complete the additional sections during registration.

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