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  • No need to travel or get stuck in traffic - all our private tutors come to visit you
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  • Highly qualified and motivated university student tutors - benefit from cutting edge knowledge and modern study techniques
  • Remove fear of the unknown - sometimes that's all it takes to improve exam confidence and participation in class
  • Pay as little as a third (and possibly even less) compared to professional private tutors
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More than One in Ten pupils are being sent to private tutors

That was in 2009 according the Telegraph, with parents paying up to £60 an hour to give their children an edge at school.

With the education budget being hard pressed in tough economic times, parents are under more pressure than ever to do what they think is best for their son or daughter. Tutoring companies have sprung up all over the country in recent years, some seemingly taking blatant advantage of the dilemma that parents are faced with.

Highly motivated

Our approach at Student Tutor UK is different. We believe that it should be possible to find affordable private tutors, and a corner stone of the solution is to use current university students that are both knowledgeable and highly motivated. The ones that are eager to share their knowledge and hope to improve a whole generation of teaching.

With the three-fold rise in tuition fees in most institutions, the common stereotype of drunk or 'rowdy' students living a free lifestyle is being shattered by more and more aspiring students who can no longer afford to waste time and money, and who have had enough of such accusations, regardless of their origins or possible bases of truth.

Many dream of becoming our doctors, scientists, teachers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, with the noble aim of improving all of society. Others simply wish to exist as best as they can just like us. Just as well if they get first hand experience in providing such services when acting as private tutors for our children.

Effective learning with good rapport

The teacher-student (or in this case tutor-pupil) relationship is very important. Different approaches work well for different people. For example, some children react poorly to a figure of high authority, they can feel intimidated and put off. In such cases it may be easier on the tutee to work with a private tutor that is closer their age.
Now it's possible to find a suitably motivated and qualified university student to provide private tuition in such an 'older sibling' capacity, building better rapport and potentially prove to be a far more effective line of educational support.

Learning from the convenience of your home

Not all pupils are comfortable in a foreign environment and there can be other benefits in having lessons take place at your own home.

First there is the convenience of not having to travel far and wide for your tutor lessons. You also don't need to worry about leaving your child with a stranger, even if you and the private tutor get to know each other quite well. Lessons given in the familiar home environment can foster the ability to later continue revising effectively even without the tutor present.

All our students provide the distance they are able or willing to travel, so by providing your postcode when searching for tutors we are able to match exactly which tutors are able to cater for your needs.

Quality comes at a price - a very reasonable one

It's easy to think 'expensive must be good', but with private tuition it is doubtful whether spending £40 or even £60 per hour of tutorial is really value for money. Certainly experiences will vary, but at a fraction of that cost you can try 3 or 4 different student tutors to find the best one, and from then on you're in the win with every single lesson.

You can view all the grades and qualifications, previous experiences and feedback to narrow down your selection of eligible tutors in the first place.

What some student tutors may lack in prior teaching experience they will make up for in passion and up to date knowledge of their subjects of choice, plus a desire to create a new positive student image.

Tackle Fear of the Unknown

Our student tutors have only too recently been through the same experiences as your son or daughter and have a fairly clear understanding of what is expected in exams or in class, as well as the pressures that they might be experiencing, which we (and other professional tutors) as adults may not be able to easily comprehend.

Subconscious fear of unknown expectations can be one of the largest barriers to confidence, so removal of this 'unknown factor' could be all it takes to help your child reach his or her full potential.

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Earn money - while improving your own skill set

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  • Earning double the national minimum wage is easily possible as a private tutor
  • Improve your communication and other 'soft' skills
  • Keep all the cash you earn from lessons
  • Fantastic way to gain experience in teaching, especially if you are studying for PGCE or similar
  • Showcase yourself properly with photo upload and an unlimited text section about yourself
  • Upload your CRB certificate - show them you care
  • Shatter their stereotypes - we know that most students are studious and don't get drunk all the time - a fantastic chance to show them too
  • Gain an understanding of business/tax matters by acting in a self-employed capacity
  • Security and Privacy guaranteed - you always have full control and information about your data
  • We don't want to waste your time. Registration takes 5 minutes or less

How do you cope with high university tuition fees?

We've all more or less seen it coming, but now that university tuition fees have suddenly risen to unprecedented levels, how do you actually cope? As a student you still need to lead a social life, but more importantly pay for your studies and accomodation, in a few cases even transport.

Tutoring is still a growing market and can provide a consistent income stream to help supplement your student life. One of the main advantages of tutoring is that it can be fit around both your lectures, exams, extra-curricular activities and your life style, since working hours can be extremely flexible. But being a private tutor can also pay very well with hourly rates well above the national minimum wage.

Money isn't everything

If monetary benefits weren't enough, you can also gain from tutoring in many other ways. Home tutoring provides solid work experience, especially if you are studying for a PGCE or similar. Even if you aren't hoping to go into teaching, the tutor experience will look very good on your CV and displays your motivation and soft skills to future employers.

On a personal level it can also be very satisfying to share your academic knowledge, musical skill or linguistic prowess with somebody else. Knowing that you've helped someone pass their exams when they struggled can be a reward in itself. And so can meeting people and developing interesting new relationships that tutoring inevitably involves.

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